An Update on Our Future

It’s summer 2018: Beyonce makes Coachella history, blockbuster hits like Crazy Rich Asians and Black Panther become the talk of the town, and BTS takes the world by storm. It’s also when we put C-Shells, our SPF 30 mineral sunscreen, into the world.⁣

Little did I know, there was much to learn about running a bootstrapped brand. Between being back of the line with manufacturers and much larger companies that used our name, it’s been a grind. Despite the challenges along the way, what has kept me going was the hundreds of messages Sundaze received about how much C-Shells has made you love sunscreen again.⁣

Now comes the next milestone that you’ve been waiting for - our restock. We’ve been working around the clock and are excited to share that 🗓️ June 15 🗓️ is when C-Shells will be available 🙌⁣

But this restock will come with a big change. We will be launching under a new brand - July Sky - to resolve the trademark issues that we’ve dealt with over the last few years. Candidly, when Sundaze launched, filing for a trademark was the last thing on my mind, as our priority is to put out good product first. However, it’s become clear that, if we want a brand that will truly stand the test of time, then we need to own the name - and that means owning our trademark.⁣

I’ll be honest - I sat on this decision for a while because Sundaze is my world, and it felt like restarting all over again. But I’m reminded of the fact that we are not starting over because we have *you* as part of our community today and a formula that, regardless of the exterior, we are proud to stand behind. Different packaging, new name, same formula. Most importantly, our mission in being a brand solely focused on sun protection will never waver.⁣

With every change, there are new opportunities. A chance to evolve our design, to double down on our identity, and to open the door for more products.⁣

We'll be transitioning to this new brand over the next few weeks and will unveil more of its origins. Thank you for the support over the years and for the years to come. If you’ve made it this far, you are an OG.

Happy sun days ❤️